Joseph VanderMeer, MD

Lakeshore Health Partners-Ear, Nose & Throat

Since third grade, Dr. Joseph VanderMeer remembers wanting to be a physician. Growing up he relished tagging along with his father (now a retired physician) during his hospital rounds, and observing his dedication to listening to his patients and figuring out what he could do to help them.

This childhood appreciation for helping others spurred Dr. VanderMeer to finish medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin, train at Johns Hopkins University and join Lakeshore Health Partners-Ear, Nose & Throat as a board-certified otolaryngologist. Today, he considers it a joy and honor to work in such a high-quality medical community.

While caring for patients with diverse ENT conditions is Dr. VanderMeer’s specialty, he’s also nurtured a special interest in restoring something many of us take for granted: hearing. Through cochlear implantation, Dr. VanderMeer delivers the gift of sound to adults and children who previously had little to no hearing.

Different from traditional hearing aids, cochlear implants are designed to mimic natural hearing by converting sound waves to electrical impulses and transmitting them to the inner ear. For those who are born deaf or have suffered severe hearing loss, cochlear implants can make a profound difference on quality of life.


Otolaryngology (ENT)

Cochlear implantation

Medical Education

Medical School, Medical College of Wisconsin

ENT Residency, Johns Hopkins University

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