Virtual Visits

Now available for Lakeshore Health Partners patients, the convenience of an office visit without leaving home!

A Virtual Visit with your provider can be done via video or phone through the Lakeshore Patient Portal and a secure health care app called HEALOW.

Many care needs are eligible for a Virtual Visit. Your first step is to get set up with Lakeshore Patient Portal account.

How do I sign up for a Lakeshore Patient Portal account?

Simply call your provider’s office and request to be “portal enabled.” You’ll receive an email to verify your identify and a link to sign up.

What if I already have a Lakeshore Patient Portal account?

Great! Next, install the Healow app on your smart phone or tablet. Be sure to use your same login info as you do with your Patient Portal account.

What if I have an appointment scheduled but want to try a Virtual Visit?

Call your provider, and if it’s appropriate for you, they can make it a Virtual Visit.

We look forward to serving you with a Virtual Visit soon!

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